Mr & Mrs Claus

Our Chairmans Take on the Traditional ‘Santa’s Sleigh’

Inspired by the Christmas Chronicles

Taking it to the Next Level

Those that know Iain know if he steps up to a task he always has to go all in. And when he was press ganged into putting on the red suit he knew that a fake velvet material and dodgy white beard was not going to cut the mustard.

But how do you make such an iconic figure ‘different’  – well in this case we had a little help as this suit was inspired by the amazing Kurt Russell who portraited the main man himself in the Christmas chronicles. And who in our eyes is the coolest Santa on the big screen. So it made complete sense to emulate this iconic character and bring joy smiles and happiness to as many people in our amazing town as we can.

Now how to make this happen, well we quite fortunate to have some truly amazing local talent so we reached out with this crazy idea to Allen Stephen-Crawford., who is a truly amazing artist and considering his skill set and what he can turn his hand to I think artist is the only way to describe this truly amazing and talented man.

The the question of how to fund this, granted Iain and the team already give their time to make these events happen, Iain still didn’t want the cost of this to come out of carnivals budget so he funded both outfits personally, and Allen very graciously made these amazing outfits for him at just the material cost.

I think we can all agree the result is amazing and has garnered so many positive response within our town with children of all ages having big smiles on their faces when they see us coming along.

So many people just come up and say “Best Santa Ever” which is one heck of a compliment and is truly humbling.

The Santa sleigh has been part of the Hornsea Carnival tradition for many years, and we all feel truly honoured to be carrying this on in our own unique way.

We cannot thank everyone enough for the donations we receive while we walk around this amazing town.