Fund Raising?

How do we Raise 36k ?

You may have already seen or heard that the cost of putting on Hornsea Carnival is approximately £36,000, and you may all be wondering how the Carnival Committee manages to raise the funds to do this.

The easiest way for the Committee to raise the funds would be for all 8,500 residents donating £4.23 each. Granted almost half of these are children, so if we were to take a mean average and say the Carnival was supported by 18-65 year age group, which is approximately 4,412 people, that would cost £8.15 each. We could actually hold the carnival without the need for any further fundraising.

Hopefully this offers some perspective.

To give the wider community the option support Hornsea Carnival, we now have the ability to accept online payments using paypal, supporting our campaign “Buy Carnival a Coffee” #buycarvinalacoffee. You can donate anonymously to the Carnival and ‘buy us a cup of coffee’, or numerous cups if you wanted to. 😊

Obviously the Committee needs to raise as much money as possible before Carnival happens, but a majority of our payments come from the fun fair (25%) and traders (35%). To make up the shortfall, the Carnival Committee host events during the year which we ask you guys to attend, and support us by way of donations.

We are always looking for other events to run or collaborate with. If you are holding an event and would like to support Hornsea Carnival, please get in touch and let us know, and let’s see how we can work together

Bonfire Night



For many years, the Carnival Committee used to put on a bonfire and firework display on the Hornsea Freeport rear carpark.

More Recently we have had to move to Hall Garth Park. which is more central, but does come with some logistical issues.

The event is funded by collections from Hornsea Carnival, and is a chance for the Carnival Committee to raise some vital funds towards the following years’ carnival event. We have collection buckets and a BBQ, as well as a few traders who set up for the night.

We usually attract around 2,000 to 2,500 people, and the bonfire and display has always been a FREE EVENT for the whole town. All we have asked is that if you attend, to please reach in your pocket and spare some change to donate to Hornsea Carnival. Or donate online – using our QR Code’s or online payment system which is fully secure.

The Bonfire Night event costs approximately £2,800 to put on so every penny helps.

Lights Night



The Hornsea Chamber of Trade Christmas lights switch on is a great family night for the whole community, and Hornsea Carnival has been part of this tradition for many years. Each year we run a stall trying to raise funds.

This event usually costs around £200, and we make around £400 to £600. The collection buckets vary, and do depend on how many Committee Members we have had to support us on the night.

Santa’s Sleigh


Hornsea Santa’s Sleigh has also been one of, if not the, longest running Santa’s Sleigh’s in Hornsea. Our chairman remembers seeing it when he was a youngster, and to quote him “It’s one of the reasons why I got involved with carnival, so proud traditions such as this can continue for many a year to come”.

This event involves the Committee obtaining a license from East Riding of Yorkshire Council to collect door to door while walking the streets of Hornsea and the surrounding villages. Our Santa engages with the children as he walks the town, handing out packets of sweet treats to those children. As a committee, we love to give back to the town, and while this is a fund-raising event, it’s also about engaging with the wider community to bring smiles to the children of the town and keep the magic of Christmas alive.

We purchase the sweets we hand out.

Depending on the year and the reach we have on the routes, we raise between £1,400 and £2,400. Each year varies and depends on what the public can afford, but we are hugely appreciative of each and every penny. Our costs for this event are around £200 to £250.

Other Events



During the year, the Carnival Committee run various events of different natures to raise as much money as we can.

  • Music events – Sessions by the Sea
  • Big Prize raffles
  • Sporting events

Costs can vary, and some make less than others, but every penny we raise counts, and the more we engage with you the community, the more we raise the profile of Hornsea Carnival and encourage future generations to set up and take the reins, and keep our towns’ proud tradition running.

If you have an idea for an event, or would like to get involved, please drop us a line. We would love to hear from you!