Health and Safety Policy

Hornsea Carnival Committee

Health and Safety Policy

Statement of intent:

The policy of the Hornsea Carnival Committee is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions and environment for all our volunteers and users, and any other people who are directly affected by our activities, such as members of the public attending our events.


The overall and final responsibility for health and safety at all events and activities organised by the Hornsea Carnival Committee lies with the committee. This responsibility will be delegated to a named committee member for each event or activity. This committee member will be responsible for ensuring that this policy is upheld.

For all Hornsea Carnival events, the responsible person will be named in advance and their name will be noted on all relevant risk assessments. All volunteers involved in Hornsea Carnival events will be made aware of who is committee member responsible for health and safety.

General arrangements:

The main activity of the Hornsea Carnival Committee is to organise free events that help bring the community and visitors together and benefits the whole town, residents and businesses, and attracts lots of visitors to the town. Some events may also involve people being charged to attend in order to raise funds for other events. A risk assessment will be carried out before every event. This will include assessing risk as it relates to all aspects of the event, including equipment; venue; volunteers; and attendees. Appropriate precautions will be taken to minimise hazards at all events and activities.

Hornsea Carnival Committee will ensure that a trained first aider will be present at all events which are open to the public.

We will make sure all volunteers and staff at events and activities are aware of the location of fire exits, where appropriate.

All volunteers and staff will be made aware of the precautions they need to take as noted on the relevant risk assessment.

No committee member or volunteer will run an event or activity on their own, and at least two committee members and volunteers will be present throughout the event until it is finished, and the last attendees have left.

The Hornsea Carnival Committee will ensure that they hold suitable Public Liability and Employee Insurance for all the events that are held.


This policy will be reviewed annually.


Date: 14.06.23

 Mike Hill