Crow Events

Hornsea Carnival are proud to work with Crow Events

Who are Crow Events?

Founded in 1865 Crow Events has become one of the biggest fairground and event operators in the country. For over 100 years Crow events has operated all over the UK and Internationally.

We have been a family owned business going all the way back to 1865. This means we own all of our rides and have a highly skilled in-house team that are experts at installing all of our rides at a series of locations and events. Owning our own rides means we maintain and store them, ensuring you get the highest quality of service and rides at your event. 

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Hornsea Carnival has had a long relationship with Crows, which has continued to grow from strength to strength.  

An important factor for Hornsea Carnival is Crow Events are a member of the showman’s Guild. 

The principal object of the Showmen’s Guild has remained the same since its inception as the Van Dweller Association: to protect the interests of its members – travelling showmen who gain their livelihoods by attending funfairs. It does this in two ways; by its code of rules for members and through the legal and constitutional processes that exist currently of the land.

The Guild’s rule book ensures that all members have equal status within the Guild, regardless of the scope of their operations as individual businessmen. The rules, which are enforced by the Guild’s own disciplinary tribunals cover such matters as the orderly running of fairs and the conduct of members both on and off fairgrounds.

And most importantly the Guild ensures all their operates, run their business in a way which is safe and ensures public safety.