How Much?

What does Carnival cost ?

The cost of Hornsea Carnival always seems to leave a lot of people flabbergasted, as they do not believe that it would cost as much as it would to put the Carnival on.


Hornsea Carnival cost’s approximately £36,000 for the three days, and these funds must be raised from Traders / Crafters / Donations from the Public and Business as well as Events which are put on by the strong team of Volunteers who work diligently giving up their free time over the year to put on Hornsea Carnival.


Our costs raise year on year, with 2022 post COVID seeing the biggest spike in price rises, while some of our suppliers have worked with us to keep cost’s down, many have not been able to, which we understand.


If you would like any further information, please contact Hornsea Carnival and we will help you understand any of the costs outlined?


If you are a supplier and would like to support Hornsea Carnival by way of a Donation or service, again please contact us we would love to hear from you.