The Live Band Stage

Be part of Hornsea Carnvial & Play on our band Stage

Hornsea Carnival Live Band Stage 

–  Supported by The Gigg Shop  –

The Live Band Stage

Hornsea Carnival, the largest FREE carnival in east Yorkshire has a proud tradition of providing stage for all talent both old and young to play for FREE with no cost to them, to allow them to show case their talent to the wider community.

So if you are reading this, and you happen to be some truly epic musical talent, then we WANT you to play on the Hornsea Carnival Band Stage, which has hosted some truly talented bands over the years.

Hornsea Carnival will provide you with an audience, usually very full !!, a band Stage, power and a full backing line for FREE. And yes we will make sure you have some light refreshments as well.

As always backing line is supplied and run by the amazing THE GIGG SHOP, who are some serious sound engineers and will go above and beyond to make your Set EPIC.

The Band stage at Hornsea Carnival has been a staple of Hornsea Carnival for many a year the talent which has graced this stage is truly awe inspiring.

So if you want to get up that stage and wow the community with your amazing Talent, then we want to hear form you, today.

Spaces are filling up fast and want you to be part of the Longest running , largest FREE Carnival in the whole of East Yorkshire.

We are here for you AND the whole community, let us give you a stage to show case what you are about.

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