Terms and Conditions

Hornsea Carnival Committee

Terms and Conditions 2020

Traders and Exhibitors booking conditions


Booking forms must be returned no later than two months prior to the Hornsea Carnival. No bookings will be accepted after this date in order to comply with East Riding of Yorkshire Council Licensing regulations.

Booking forms must be accompanied by the correct and most recent copies of the following:

  • A copy of your public Liability Insurance
  • A risk assessment and method statement relative to your pitch
  • A food Hygiene Certificate (if applicable)
  • A copy of your Market traders Association card (if applicable)

Risk assessments must categorise risks as low, medium or high.
Method statements must show how risks, other than low risks will be controlled and managed to reduce the risks to low.

Booking forms that are not submitted with the correct insurance, licences, risk assessment and methods statement will not be permitted into the event.

You must ensure your insurances, licenses, risk assessments and method statements are available to view throughout the weekend. You may be called on to provided these for examination by ERYC inspectors and / or Carnival Committee H&S representative.
Should the booking be cancelled for any reason after 1st June, you may only receive a refund of up to 25% of the total booking fee paid.

Exhibitors responsibilities:

The Carnival Committee will not be responsible in any way for any articles, plant, machinery or object of any kind exhibited on the ground deemed by the Carnival Committee. The exhibitor shall assume full responsibility therefor, including liability for all claims arising out of the exhibition, handling or housing of such exhibits and the conduct of the stand generally. The exhibitor shall indemnify the Carnival Committee against all claims, damages or expenses whatsoever in anyway arising out of the presence of the exhibitor or exhibits on the Carnival site. Acceptance of the foregoing provisions shall be a condition of entry.


Traders and Exhibitors must take out comprehensive insurance against fire, theft and public liability, all other risks including loss of business not only as regards their own property, but also against third party claims.

Disclaimer of Liability:

The Carnival and its members shall not be responsible whatsoever for any accident, damage or loss (however caused) to any article, person, animal or property brought onto the site or while entering or leaving the Carnival grounds. Each exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any loss, injury or damage that may be done to, or occasioned by, or arising from any machinery or person or other article, or any animal, or property exhibited by him/her, and it is a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Carnival Committee and its members from and against all actions, suits, expenses and claims on account of such damage, injury or loss.

The Carnival Committee have full and free right to accept entry, to cancel any entry after being made and accepted, to refuse admission to the site of any proposed exhibit and/or order to be
removed, at the risk and expense of the owner thereof, any exhibit which has been admitted to the site. There shall be no obligation upon the Carnival Committee to offer any explanation as to thereason for such action and the Committee shall not incur any liability or responsibility in the matter.

Health and Safety Information

The Carnival Committee have to ensure Health & Safety laws are complied with. Please take time to read the following:

Ensure you have your Risk Assessment and Method Statement for your ride / stall current Public Liability Insurance, Health & Hygiene Certificates documents available for examination at all times during the weekend Carry your own fire extinguisher (if applicable) Observe a 5 mph speed limit whilst on site
Do not move any stall / ride or vehicle once sited. In case of an emergency, please ask any Carnival member for assistance.
Do not block public access routes or emergency access roads
Ensure you are familiar with First Aid, Police and Fire locations
Report all accidents/ incidents to a Carnival member as soon as possible. Ensure all stalls / rides are properly secured at all times, in accordance with manufactures recommendations where relevant or applicable particularly inflatables.

Set up and Breakdown Information

Any instructions given by carnival committee members must be adhered to, this includes change of pitch, and failure to do so may result in being asked to vacate the site. In this
case, no refunds will be given.

Traders and Exhibitors will be allowed into the Hall Garth Park site via the entrance on

Cinema Street (off Newbegin, HU18 1PA) to set up as follows:
Friday from 8.00am until 4pm
Saturday from 7.30am until 10am
Sunday from 8am until 10am

Please ensure you have your booking receipt to show at the gate.
All units and stalls must be sited by a carnival committee member.
Units and Stalls must NOT be brought onto site and left / unhitched unless on their designated pitch, traders may be asked to leave if they cause an obstruction

Traders and exhibitors will be permitted to breakdown at the following times.

Friday from 10.30pm
Saturday from 5pm
Sunday from 4.30pm

If you have any issues with the above timings please contact your designated carnival contact to discuss further. The timings are in place to aid health and safety on site.

All traders and exhibitors must remove their own waste to the skips provided or off site. A large skip is on site near the public toilets. Any Trader or Exhibitor leaving any waste or refuse on site (other than in the designated skips) will receive a £100 charge or the full cost of removal and could be prohibited from attending further Carnival Committee events

For the purpose of this document, TRADER / EXHIBITOR means any Trader, Charity, Fairground Ride, Entertainer or any other vehicle, person or article booking or using the Carnival grounds.